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User ManualEdit

Argentum online 2 is an online role playing game. You'll take part on wild battles, tournaments and quests encarnating terrible warriors, wizards, paladins, and many other kinds of fighters of the widest variety of races. Read this complete guide, made by Ryghar and translated by Integer and Sicarul, to learn how to play. Good Luck in your long journey as an Argentum Player!


First you must create your own account which you're going to use to login in the game, the forums and in the official website.

Follow the link “Register” on the home page. You'll access a form that you must fill to create your account.

You must fill all the fields marked with a red asterisk.

Your Username and password must have at least 6 characters. This Username is valid only to enter the game, but it is not related to your character's name. You will choose your characters' name after you create them.

After clicking “Send” you'll recive a confirmation message on the e-mail you've registered.

Download the client (which is going to allow you to connect to our servers. You can download it under the name "Clients" in the "Downloads" section. Otherwise you can Download it by clicking here.

Once you got it you must extract it to a folder (any location and name will be OK, but we recommend: C:\AO2 for better technical support).

The game is, by default, in English. You can change the language by opening the file C:\AO2\Config\ClientConf.ini and changing the line "LANGUAGE=english" to the language you want, but if you are reading this manual you probably want to use english ^^

The game can be started by executing the file C:\AO2\Testengine.exe. You can create a shortcut on your desktop for your convenience.

(Corrected up to here on: Monday, June 20, 2005.)

Once you launch it you'll see the following window


Servers list

where you will find:

  • Client version and server list.
  • The only active server right now is “ AR Ryghar”. If it is not selected (highlighted in white) you must select it.

When clicking on “Login” you will be asked to introduce your Username and Password, the one you had chosen when you signed up for your account.


Sign in to an account

After pressing “Continue”, it is time to create your OWN character!!!


Creating a character

You can create up to 3 characters for your account. All the characters on the same account will share some things like the SAFE (???).

Click Create a character


Creating a character

Here you will give a name, a race, a profession and a genre to your character.

Depending on these choices, your character will evolve in different ways respect to the others. Every race has bonuses and penalties, that are going to modify the way your atributes will grow.

The attributes are values that are going to define your character: probability of missing and evading an hit, the damage that you'll make when attacking, weapons and spells that you'll use, the reaction the NPCs (non player character) will have with you, probaBility of comunicating and contacting them, etc, will be affected by these valors and skills (we are going to learn about them later).

This is a list of the attributes your character will have:

Physichal Attributes
Mental Atributes

STRENGTH: Determines the damage that you may cause when your character attacks. It also determines the maximum weight that the character can support; the maximum number of items he can carry. Each object has a different weight, the total weight of your inventory is calculated adding the weights of all the items in the inventory.

The exception is with gold, this one has no weight but the maximum of gold a character can carry is up to 62000.

'Constitution: The capacity a character has to resist to a damage that is caused to him, varies depending on this. It determines the life of the character.

Dexterity: Determines the capacity of your character of performing a good HIT(???) and it also determines his capacity of evading an enemy attack.

Beauty: Determines the initial reactions of the NPCs with our character, the moust beautiful a PC (Player Character) is, the more likely the NPCs are going to interact with it. Some NPCs won't interact with ugly PCs.

Willpower: Influences in the capacity of PCs of learning new languages: Elvish, Entish, Dorkish, etc. All the player's characters are born knowing the 'common tongue'. There are many NPCs that don't know 'common tongue' and they talk in their own language, so the PCs must know their language and the only ones that can interact with them are the PCs that know their language. For the ones that don't know their language, words will only be lots of ilegible symbols.

Willpower also determines the “energy” a PC will have. This energy is the one that you're going to use for not giving up when attacking or working. It is also the one that you'll consume when throwing spells.

Perception: It determines the ability of a character of fighting with a Bow and other distance weapons. The greatest perception the PC has, it is more probably he will target a long-range attack. It also affects the posibility of evading an attack from a distance weapon.

Inteligence: Determines the complexity of the spells a PC can learn. It also determines the complexity of the languages a PC can learn. Dialogues with NPCs are also affected by inteligence, with more inteligence, you will be able to make more complex chats with npcs

Charm: Determines the maximun NPC followers a PC can have. Charism also determines how good a pc can convince an NPC to follow him. It also affects the ability to tame creatures, with more charm, you can tame better creatures.

Each weapon, armor or skill use to require some minimun amount of points on certain attributes so it can be used. Same happens with some clothes.

The bonuses and sanctions aren't defined yet but this is the nearest table to the final one that we have at the moment:

Character table
Strengh Constitution Dexterity Beauty Willpower Perception Intelligence
Human 1 1 0 0 0 0 0
Half Elf 0 0 1 1 0 0 0
Elf -1 -2 2 1 1 0 1
Dark Elf 0 -2 2 0 1 2 0
Dwarf 2 2 -1 0 0 0 -1
Half Orc 2 1 0 -1 0 0 -1
Half Ogre 4 3 -2 -2 0 0 -4
Hobbit -2 0 2 0 0 2 0
Dorckean -3 -5 0 0 3 0 1

Once you finished creating your character press Continue to log into the game!!

Congratulations!! You are now playing Argentum Online 2!

When you are on the game your character will appear at Ullathorp. It's looks as the image below.


Pantalla de juego

To control your character there are movement keys, action keys and commands.

Movement KeysEdit

Arrows The character moves in the selected direction
Arrows+Shift The character runs in the selected direction
X The character turns in the same way a clok does
Z The character turns in the contrary way a clok does

Action keysEdit

A Attack
U Use
G Pickup
D Drop
I Opens up the inventory
* Opens Stats window
Enter Switches text mode (To chat with other characters and execute commands)
ESC Quits the game


The commands are executed in text mode putting a point before

Command table
.playing Amount of people playing
.ver Show client version
.charexp Amount of experience
.chargold Amount of gold
.dropgold x Drops x amount of gold, x is a number between 1 and 60.000
.trade Shows a list of the objects that an NPC sells
.buy x Buys an x object from an NPC
.charweight Shows the amount of weight you are carrying

From now on you should level up to advance in the game.

This is done killing creatures. Each time you kill a creature you will get experience points.

The world of Argentum online 2 is divided into maps. On each map you will find different creatures to kill.

To kill a creature you must stand in front of it and attack it pressing A.

The creature will attack you too. The information of the combat will be shown on the console.

If the creature kills you, you must go to a church so the priest can resurrect you. To acomplish this you must approach him and double click him.

Some creatures when killed drop gold, other drop valious items or gems.

When you reach the needed exp you will advance a level.

When you advance you will gain hitpoints, energy and attributes depending on the chosen race. Also you will gain 5 Character points each time you pass a level. These points will be useful to gain attributes or skills.


Pressing the key I you will open the inventory window. There you will see al the items you are carrying. The ítems get into the inventory when you pick them up from the floor or when you buy them at a merchant.



To use an item you must clik it and press U. To stop using an item you must repeat the same process. To use an item of the same type that other you were using before you must stop using the other item to use the new item.

To drop an item click it and press D


You can open the stats window with (*) from NUMPAD.

On this window you are able to see all the information of your character, increase your attributes and acquire skills.



To increase one of various attributes you must select the attribute and choose Increase attribute.

To increase attributes you must have some available Character points. You will spend 1 Character point for each assigned point to an attribute.

You can change values until you are satisfied, nothing will be saved until you select Apply changes. After this the change is permanent.

On the previous screenshot the skill window is empty because there isn't any available character points. The server will show the skills when the character can adquire them.

When you advance the first level the ability(2)Unarmed combat will appear . You don't have this ability yet, you have to acquire it. The cost of acquiring a skill is the amount of character points that is indicated before the name.

To acquire it you must select it and click on Acquire skill. The number before the name will be gone and 2 points will be reduced from available character points.

Always after finishing changes in attributes and skills you have to select Apply changes.


Adding an ability

A new ability appeared!!.

There are skills that depend on others and even depend on certain attributes to appear. To sum up, to make a skill to appear you must have enough character points available, the skill that makes it appear and the required attributes.

The following table shows the skills, their dependencies and requirements.


Skills table


To buy items you must go to a merchant NPC, click him and write the .trade command. The merchant will show you a list with all the items he sells.

On the list there is the item number, the item name and the available amount.

To get an item from the list you have to have enough gold to pay it.

The trade is made with the .buy x command, where x is the number of the selected item from the list.

When you finish the trade the item wil appear on your inventory.


El balance del juego aún no está aplicado pero les dejo un listado con algunos de los ítems que encontrarán



Farmer clothes


Common clothes


Common clothes


Common clothes


Gray tunic


Brown tunic


Priest tunic







Long Sword














Tips and tricksEdit

Pickup ítems / Combat NPCsEdit

As some of you have some problems with this i will leave a little explanation that may clearify the subject.

Most of these problems are because in AO2 we have 8 posible movements instead of 4. For this reason when you approach an NPC to attack it or pickup an item we have 3 possible options. Or the object is in diagonal up, in front of us, or in diagonal down.



In the image is shown the correct direction to the object, if we didn't use the diagonal down we would go from 1 to 4 without getting on the object.

Anyway this will be simplified with the use of the mouse, but it is good to know how to move the character in the game.

We will get this manual bigger as the game advances. I hope this guide will be useful for you and... enjoy the game!!!

Ryghar, Moran(traductor/translator) y/and Sicarul (traductor/translator)