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In-Game FAQEdit

How to RessurectEdit

Locate the Priest in a white stone building and then move next to the NPC. Then double click on the Priest NPC.

Argentum Online General FAQEdit

What is Argentum Online II?Edit

It is a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game, set in two medieval fantasy worlds. One of these worlds has been subjugated by the Lord of Chaos, most folks were enslaved, yet there are a few who have remained hidden, waiting the chance to get a magic portal and reach the new world. These magic portals appear and desappear ramdomly along the lands, linking the worlds. Player characters may choose their own path, embracing the Chaos or struggling against it. Most characters are fleeing from Dovoo, the world in ruins, and begin their adventure in the hopeful new world whose name is Argentum. You will also be able to create characters that are natural of Argentum.

Venture into a wholly unknown world! Jorney between worlds! Join Chaos' army and be part of Argentum's conquest! Meet thousands of players worldwide! Fight against the forces of Chaos! Experience endless hours of fun!

Why AO2? Edit

AO2 is the prequel of our first game, Argentum Online 1. AO1 was the very first MMORPG of Latin America, it was first released in the year 2000. It is still pretty popular among Spanish speaking countries like Argentina, Spain and Uruguay. By the year 2003 we released AO1's source code, since then serveral heavely modified flavors of the game arose. Nowadays AO1 is still very much played in Argentina and Spain.

You may get the source code of AO1 at

What does the game look like? Edit

It is a third person staggered isometric game. You can see some screenshots in this web site.

How much does the game cost? Edit

Nothing, nada. The game is completely FREE, gratis. Even after the beta testing stages, the game will remain FREE.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to play? Edit

No, we've said that the game will be always free. In the future, depending on how the game does we may introduce a payed "Premium membership" which will provide a few benefits like technical support, access to special maps, etc. Even though this, the "Free Membership" would be always available so that you may choose what better suits your needs.

Is Argentum II available right now? Edit

Yes, it is. But please, be patient for the game is still under development.

How can I get the game? Edit

At the moment, the only way is by downloading it from this web site. For matters of security we strongly suggest you using only the programs available at our site. In the future the game may also be available in CDROM.

What are the minimun hardware requirements to run the game? Edit

  • 400 Mhz CPU
  • A standard 3d card
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 or later
  • DirectX 8.1 or later
  • Internet connection

What makes Argentum II different from other MMORPGs? Edit

We don't want a game in which player characters are immortal pets. In Argentum 2 most player characters will be constantly in danger, if you find this too much intimidating please close the web browser and get back to "The Sims". We want a medieval warfare game, where all characters could be assessinated and robbed.

On the other hand, AO2 will be a fast paced game in which the success in combat will not be determined but by character's stats. In combat, it will be more important how skillful you are in commanding your character than the character itself.

Argentum 2 has support for many languages, including Spanish, English, French, Català and Esperanto. So you will be able to experience AO2 in your own language.

Who are you guys? Edit

We are an independent group of game developers, we like to call ourselves NoLand Studios. We are always willing to welcome talented newcomers. If you want to join us please check the "job section" at the web site.

Are you making the game from the scratch? Edit

Yes, the game is being developed in C/C++ programming language using DirectX8 and MySql. Previously we had made a staggered isometric engine with the idea of using it in our projects, we released the source code of our engine under the terms of LGPL licence. You can download the source code from

Why I can't connect to gameserver? Edit

Make sure you have configured your firewall properly. AO2 uses port 5000 to connect through. Also, it uses port 80 the download the serverlist. Furthermore, some firewalls require to permit the entire aplication to act as client/server.